Featured: The Vintagemobile

I bought my top from this really cool school bus turned vintage clothing shop based in the Dallas/Ft Worth area called The Vintagemobile. Check out the shops blog [HERE]. It’s such a unique idea. Very well executed. There’s even a dressing room inside the bus! I didn’t have my camera on me that day, but you’re in luck, because dfw.com was there doing a story about the shop and owner Jeremy Turner (and he was such a nice guy). Read the story and scroll through the photos [HERE]; I will suddenly appear with my best friend Chelsea a couple of photos in. My 15 minutes of fame ;)

Top- The Vintagemobile, Skirt- Target, Wedges- Forever 21, Necklaces- The Vintagemobile . Buffalo Exchange . JCREW

Banner Shoot

Dress- Buffalo Exchange, Belt- H&M, Tights- JCREW

I did my banner shoot this past weekend and it was so much FUN! I got the tapestry [HERE] from Urban Outfitters and it turned out so lovely in the photos. Check out my banner above! My friend Allison helped me with it. It looks great, I’m so happy with it. Here are a few photos I took during the shoot. I love how the dress seems to be a part of the tapestry, so cool.

Wish List

Tory Burch Black Reva Handbag

Tory Burch Leather Wrap Bracelet

Tory Burch Gold Studs

As you can see, the first 3 pieces of my list are from designer Tory Burch. I’m a little obsessed with her stuff right now.

New Release 'Brad' Ray Bans

iPad 2

I currently have an iPad 2, but it’s on loan to me from my boyfriend… so I want to get one of my own.