Beach Snaps

Hi! I know, I know. I’ve been M.I.A. for a month now. It’s been a busy time this summer for me. I’ve been home for MAYBE a total of 7 days since the beginning of June. It’s cray! I’m preparing for my move to Austin for the next 2 weeks and then I will be starting a whole new chapter, and HOPEFULLY will feel a little more settled once I get there. I’ve just been living life and having so much fun… like when I decided to be a beach bum for 2 weeks last month in Destin, FL. Yes, I stayed at the beach for 2 weeks. A little excessive, I know, but it was a blast. Here are a few snaps I took while on my extended vaca. Enjoy and happy Monday everyone :)

Mom in all black… She’s so chic.

I love wearing rompers at the beach… they are just as easy as maxi dresses, but a little bit more fun!

My Essie ‘to buy or not to buy’ polish was almost the same color as that gorgeous Destin sand :)

A flying kite in a pink sky… Serenity.

I have to say it did rain a lot in my 2 week stay, but the days like this one made up for all that nonsense.

Isn’t this one of the best feelings in the world??

My lovely cousin and her NEW fiancé. They got engaged while we were there. Congrats!

Me and my cousin’s crackin’ up at something! Love y’all.

Ping Pong beach style :)



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