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Here it is, after Hurricane Isaac almost ruined my plans, I woke up yesterday morning to sunshine and NO rain, and pretty much fell out of the bed I got so excited. The weather turned around and I am ready to go! I packed up my car last night and I’m on my way to Austin today, to LIVE :)

The photo above is of a beautiful necklace (you can get it in ANY state shape here) that I just had to get once I decided to move out of Louisiana. I’ve lived here for 6 years. Went to college, made some amazing friends and wonderful memories, graduated college, moved to a new city, got my first REAL job (awful), got my second real job (which is my current job)… and now it’s time to move on. I will miss Louisiana. It’s where my whole family lives and I’ve had some really great times here.

But, now I’m excited to start a new chapter with new experiences and fun adventures! Thank you to everyone that has been there for me throughout this chapter in my life. I love you all. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to visit :)



Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

– DV by Dolce Vita hot pink sandals HERE
– Layering fun with my H&M, Alimonada, and Dogeared necklaces
– View of downtown from our room in Austin back in July
– S. Congress shopping day
– Gorgeous sunset in downtown Austin
– Dream Believe Achieve tee from Sincerely Jules (She sends personalized cards with every order. So sweet!) HERE
– Glitter Nails by Essie
– Cupcake tower at Rachel and Brad’s couples shower… YUMMY!!
– Mustache beers also from their shower… so fun :)
– My little brother’s cute little hot pink penny board

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Beach Snaps

Hi! I know, I know. I’ve been M.I.A. for a month now. It’s been a busy time this summer for me. I’ve been home for MAYBE a total of 7 days since the beginning of June. It’s cray! I’m preparing for my move to Austin for the next 2 weeks and then I will be starting a whole new chapter, and HOPEFULLY will feel a little more settled once I get there. I’ve just been living life and having so much fun… like when I decided to be a beach bum for 2 weeks last month in Destin, FL. Yes, I stayed at the beach for 2 weeks. A little excessive, I know, but it was a blast. Here are a few snaps I took while on my extended vaca. Enjoy and happy Monday everyone :)

Mom in all black… She’s so chic.

I love wearing rompers at the beach… they are just as easy as maxi dresses, but a little bit more fun!

My Essie ‘to buy or not to buy’ polish was almost the same color as that gorgeous Destin sand :)

A flying kite in a pink sky… Serenity.

I have to say it did rain a lot in my 2 week stay, but the days like this one made up for all that nonsense.

Isn’t this one of the best feelings in the world??

My lovely cousin and her NEW fiancé. They got engaged while we were there. Congrats!

Me and my cousin’s crackin’ up at something! Love y’all.

Ping Pong beach style :)


I’m gettin’ weird y’all…

Hi! Sorry I’ve been away so much. I’ve been traveling in Texas the past month as you may know from previous post mentions. I’ve been going to Austin a lot lately. A little (errr, maybe more then a little) for fun, a little for work, and a LOTTA for planning. That’s right! I can official announce, because it really is FINALLY official: I will be packing my bags and moving my little booty from Louisiana back to Texas! The capital city, to be specific. I am overjoyed about this new chapter in my life, and can’t wait to get to the big city of all things food, music, and local weirdness :) Here are a few recommendations and places I’ll be frequenting when I get to Austin:

Taverna in Downtown Austin. $1.00 Mimosas & Bellinis during Brunch (Saturdays & Sundays) … Yes, please!

Hey Cupcake On S. Congress. Best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Special flavor this month: Cherry subLIME!

Feathers Boutique off S. Congress. Great vintage and great prices. I just bought a vintage Coach bag there that literally looks brand new and was only $60… I couldn’t believe how well-kept everything in the shop was!

Also on S. Congress. Everything made fresh in house… Perfect lunch spot + stays open LATE, so it’s the perfect spot for after a long night out on the town :)

Barton Springs fresh water pool. Great for lounging and picnicking! The water there is GORGEOUS.

Right off Rainey Street. Great Indian food. BYOB, which is super cool. All outside seating, and they serve you your food straight out of their food truck! There’s a garage in front… get it? ‘G’raj’ Mahal, haha.

Rainey Street. After dinner at G’raj, walk to Rainey. One long street sprinkled with old refurbished homes that have been turned into bars! How cool it that?! Really western, old world feel to the decor. Lustre Pearl, Bar 96, Black Heart, and Icenhauer are all a lot of fun.

Hope you enjoyed my selections. Let me know if you check any of them out! So excited for my move. What a great city!!


*all photos via Google images

Throughout My Travels…

Hi everyone. I decided to take last week off for the 4th, but now I’m back :) I may not have many outfit posts coming up since I’ll be traveling a lot in the next few weeks. I’ve actually just been traveling a lot lately. Big changes coming up in my life, and I am super excited about it! I update my instagram fairly often, so keep up with me over there —> @pieceology … These are a few snaps I’ve taken over the past several weeks. I hope you enjoy them!


Instagramin’ in NOLA

Been in New Orleans the past 2 weekends. This is what I’ve been up to along the way!
(left to right)
1. My new fav lip color- ‘Pink Noveau’ by MAC
2. View from my hotel room in Downtown NOLA
3. Loved that quote on the coffee go cups at the hotel
4. The famous blue dogs painting on Canal
5. Wedding photo booths are so much fun!
6. New floral blazer and pink lace shorts from Sabo Skirt :)
7. Chillin’ in my Sam Edelman sandals on my friend’s balcony in Jackson Square
8. More bakery goodies at Indulge Sweet Shop

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Instagramin’ in Denver

Hello friends! Just got back from Denver last night. My luggage didn’t make it :( But thankfully it arrived at my house this morning. Anyways, just wanted to share with you a few photos I took on my trip from my instagram.

Waiting at the airport, flight was delayed (ended up being cancelled & I had to rebook for later in the day)… In my Anthropologie floral printed dress with my MK watch. Comfy travel wear.

Colorful hotel closet :)

My grandmother’s grandmother’s cameo from the 1800s! Wore it out on the town one night with a lacey dress & wedges.

Larimer Square, Downtown Denver. There is a YSL exhibit going on now through July 8 at the Denver Art Museum. Didn’t get the chance to go, but if you are in Denver while it’s going on you should check it out! I bet it’s amazing.

My lovely purchases from H&M, which I talked about in this post [HERE].

A little glimpse of the mountains… On our way to dinner at The Keg Steakhouse. Great food!

Went bowling at Lucky Strike. Such a fun time!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Keep up with me on my instagram [HERE] for more.

P.S. If you are ever in Denver you should go to The Kitchen downtown for lunch. It’s farm-to-table style and the food is wonderful, as well as the decor. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos from there, but you can check out their web site [HERE]. It’s an awesome place. Glad we got to stop in.

I ♥ H&M

Hi! I’m still in Denver and having a great time… There are no H&M stores anywhere close to where I live in Louisiana, and as we all know you can’t buy their clothes online :( So, naturally, I just had to stop in. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and didn’t have much time to look around or try anything on, so I went the accessory route. Got this AH-MAZING statement necklace & a gold braided skinny belt. These 2 pieces have been on my wish list for a while and I could never find anything that I liked enough (at a decent price) to buy. H&M is my savior!!!

P.S. Check out my instagram [HERE]. I’ve been documenting my stay in CO over there. I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend and thanks for stopping by :)

Instagramin’ in Austin

Hi loves. So I wanted to share with you a few pieces of our weekend bachelorette adventures in Austin via my instagram. We had a blast!

The AMAZING loft we stayed in. It was above this bar called Chupacabra, ha, and was ON 6th St… Perfect for us tourists from Louisiana :)

One of the wall decorations in our loft. Moose Knuckle was the bar next door. What a silly name.

The famous Hey Cupcake food trailer on South Congress. If you haven’t been, go! BEST CUPCAKES EVER, yummmm.

Went shopping on South Congress too. Got some cute, comfy white COTTON shorts, some fun handmade jewelry, & a vintage gold skinny belt.

And my new Tory Burch clutch. Which I showed off in yesterday’s outfit post [HERE].

What a fun time. Hey, follow me on instagram @pieceology [HERE] to keep up with my random life. Or click the link on my right side bar.

Heading to Denver tomorrow for work. So excited. I’m just a little traveling bug these days! Talk soon :)

Hello World!

Hi, this is my very first personal blog. I’m really excited about it. I’m currently waiting on my new camera, a Nikon D3100, to come in the mail so I can start posting and sharing my pieceology with you. See you soon.

Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100